5 Best Painting Galleries in the World

It is difficult to define what makes a certain gallery the best in the world. More often, galleries that rise to the very top are a representation of well-known artists. These have a global presence through regular attendance at most of the art fairs. A great gallery is simply that which is capable of continually challenging the way things have been done in the past. This can be through the reinvention of previous paintings and embracing the existing mediums.

Over years many peoples have founded new galleries. Arguably, the following are the best 15 best galleries in the world that deserve an honorable mention.

Moran Bondaroff

It is located in Los Angeles. The art is a representation of Terence Koh, David Benjamin, Daniel Arsham, and Diana Hadid. Originally named OHWOW, Mills Moran founded L.A. gallery in 2008. It has really made a big impact on the art world in a relatively short time. This awesome work has made its founders to host several workshops in the gallery space. The gallery has also founded the international community platform in 2012. Recently, Terence Koh created a beehive and garden on the gallery roof.

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David Zwirner

David Zwirner, the founder of this gallery has set very high standards for showing art. These vary from minimalist works to time-based media. This gallery has fostered careers of some of the biggest artists today. Since 1993, this gallery has launched multiple philanthropic efforts. These include; Artists for Haiti and Unframed Auction.

Galerie Perrotin

This Hong Kong-based gallery was initiated by Emmanuel Perrotin. As a successful art dealer, Emmanuel had a keen eye of recognizing the potential of emerging artists. Since the `90s, his gallery has represented artists like Sophie Calle, Tatiana Trouve and Xavier Veilhan. Also, French artists have also been included. This wonderful gallery has branched outside the world of art and has also partnered with Pharrell and Massive Attack.

Hauser and Wirth

For years now, Hauser and Wirth’s gallery has challenged many people‚Äôs ideas of what a show can be. It has created performances, happenings and more. The founders of this gallery have also invested in multiple art education efforts. They have also published over 200 titles as well as practice youth program based in Los Angeles. Truly, that why New York art scene could not deny Hauser and Wirth to open their first American base in 2009.


Gagosian gallery was founded in the `80s. It was through a partnership with Leo Castelli. This happened in Soho district in New York. Since then, it has brought about classical music shows utilizing its global unprecedented world presence. Its exhibition spaces have been designed by renowned architects. Additionally, the gallery often presents historical exhibitions on Picasso. Finally, Gagosian is well known in publishing catalogs, artist monologue and magazines which circulate around New York.

Although many of the peoples behind these galleries began with optimism, their art has accompanied new chapters in the art world.